we left the group

Exposition collective au HayArt Cultural Center, Erevan, Arménie | 29.04 – 13.05.2022
Artistes : Nare Petrosyan, Kima Gyarakyan, Sasun Margaryan, Mariam Muradyaan

They left the group when they had perhaps not yet entered it. Could the exit from the group be a possible entry? An outside that would become an inside. A frame, an envelope. What does the act of re-entering tell us? A r-entry as an impetus, a movement forwards, from the front. Nareh, Kima, Sasun and Mariam have pushed themselves. They push each other.

Days passed. Day became night. The hours got blurred. Blended together – they became one.  A multiple « one » – one group?

The exhibition “We left the group” invites us to feel a formation in progress. To understand the links that bring artists together. Like a reflection, each practice is a mise en abyme of another one. Richoche becomes clearer. This doubles game reminds us of this inside and outside, this entry through the exit – through the limits. Or rather, through beyond the limits. Like an exercise of points of view, each work becomes the perceptive pivot of the following one. They blend together, link-up. They are drown in their own overflow. This time, we get back to that beyond.

Each work imposes its position on us, positions us. Re-positions. A work in a hollow. It is all about underlining, revealing through erasure – Nareh and Kima –, giving shape to the void – Sasun and Mariam. It is all about exaggeration. And by exaggerating over and over again, they left the group to better enter it.

Diane Der Markarian

Translated in English by Alexandre Rutigliano

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